Wednesday, 26 September 2012

E-Commerce Website Design

TridIndia IT Solutions (TIIT) is a growing IT solutions company providing web solutions and software services to a wide range of customers across India and globe. We hold immense expertise in Website Designing, Web development, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile apps, and online reputation management. 

Success of E Commerce web sites not solely rest upon the standard of product & services they provide, however, conjointly on several different factors which plays a key role in writing their heroic tale.
Being an “internet bug”, you must have come across plenty of E Commerce websites online but have you ever noticed that they all have something in common other than discounts, festive offers, 24/7 customer support, etc. Mostly all the E Commerce websites have some common design factors which we will be discussing in the next half of this article.
Let’s discuss the factors in such a way that it also provides you an idea of effective E Commerce website design that draws more customers to your website.

  • Raise your brand name on each page
Whether you’re an e-commerce beginner or an experience entity venturing into the virtual world for the first time, brand individuality is the whole thing. Each component of your site’s features, from colour combination to fonts and logos, ought to play a role in making your brand identity. In addition this style must continue to be perpetual all the way through and, preferably, match with your offline marking also.

  • Make your website both mobile and desktop friendly
Increasing number of people are buying online through their smartphone or tablet, whereas, a lot of endures to use superior laptops or computers platforms to buy products online. By means of a web design technique well-known as ‘responsive design’ you can instinctively adjust your site for each platform which can aid you to better satisfy all groups of internet users.

  • Modernize the customer’s path in the direction of the check-out
The customer’s core objective is commonly to buy what they need by a smallest possible trouble. Via a blissful fluke that’s your objective also! Consequently do yourself a support and eliminate any needless problems or impractical pages that possibly will slow the procedure.

  •  Take in a search engine and additional suitability features
The quicker they can catch, it the earlier they may perhaps purchase it. In act the whole thing inside your control to support consumers find the product they’re afterward. Devising a search case where they can fill keywords is vital, though additional features such as smart product reference can similarly prove instrumental.

  • Small product reviews
Time is little and consequently also ought to be your product reviews. Strike the details with perhaps slight sales knack flung in; however don’t go beyond limits on the details. And lastly, continuously have an attractive image to drive with it which won’t yield an era to load on processors with slower networks.

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